Response Guide

In the event of an emergency, the links below can serve as a quick reference for different types of emergencies.

However, we highly recommend you review the information before an emergency occurs, in order to increase your preparedness.

If you are unsure what to do in an emergency, always follow the instructions of Institute and emergency personnel.

Quick Options

You Have Options in an Emergency (accessible HTML page) You Have Options in an Emergency (accessible HTML page)

You Have Options in an Emergency (PDF document) You Have Options in an Emergency (PDF document)

Incident Specific Guides

Active Shooter / Violent Intruder Active Shooter / Violent Intruder

Cyber Incidents  Cyber Incidents


Fire, Explosion, and Smoke Conditions  Fire, Explosion, and Smoke Conditions

Flooding  Flooding

Hazardous Materials Release and Exposure  Hazardous Materials Release and Exposure

Medical and Mental Health Medical and Mental Health

Severe Weather and Natural Disasters  Severe Weather and Natural Disasters

Shelter-In-Place Shelter-In-Place

Suspicious Package, Bomb Threat, and Threats of Violence Suspicious Package, Bomb Threat, and Threats of Violence

Travel Emergencies Travel Emergencies

Utility Disruptions  Utility Disruptions

How to Report an Emergency


  • Call MIT Police at 617-253-1212 (from any phone)
  • Call MIT Police at x100 (from any campus phone)
  • Activate a Blue Light emergency call box (many throughout campus)


  • Call 911 (calls go to the Massachusetts State Police then are rerouted to the local jurisdiction).

How to Get Information During an Emergency

When appropriate, the MIT Alert emergency notification system will send electronic messages (text, email, voice, etc.) to our registered community members and various static devices (office phones, digital displays, etc.).  To register yourself, update your information, and to find out more, please visit this page.

Information about an emergency may also be posted to:

  • Emergency Info Page:
  • Emergency Info Phone Line: 617-253-7669 (or 617-253-SNOW). This is a recorded message.

In addition, we also post MIT Alerts to the following social media channels:

Emergency Contacts

Please utilize these emergency contacts and similar services (mental health, physical security, etc.) that may be needed during or after an emergency.