Stay Informed

In order to provide you with the appropriate knowledge before, during, and after an emergency, we recommend you stay informed by connecting with these official MIT emergency information sources.

MIT Alert

MIT Alert is MIT’s emergency notification system that uses various messaging modes to notify the MIT community about confirmed threats to life safety or major disruptions to Institute operations.  These alerts will inform the community about what is happening, where it is occurring, and what actions to take to stay safe.

MIT Emergency Website

During an emergency, MIT’s emergency website provides the most recent and comprehensive information about the current situation.

Emergency Information Line

This phone line, formerly know as the “snow” line, may be used to provide a recorded message to the community during emergencies or closures: 617-253-7669 or 617-253-SNOW.

Social Media

We provide useful preparedness information to our community to promote self-preparedness. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook. In addition, we also provide MIT Alert information only on these Twitter and Facebook accounts.


We provide you with timely emergency or preparedness related content in our blog.    

Crisis Communications Plan

To keep our community informed during an emergency or crisis, we have developed the Crisis Communication Plan, which outlines various situations, modes, and responsibilities.